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Thursday, March 21, 2013

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So I re did one of my craft night crafts.  I needed a new wreath with tonnes of spring colors to help ward off the snow... So far it's not working.  Anyway.  It turned out so cute i love it.  So i said i would throw up a quick how to!  It's a very quick easy thing to do it just takes a bit of time to make the flower!

Beware this is a picture heavy post.  I learn best by looking at pictures so i think it's best to take more pictures and talk less.

So you get a 12x12 scrapbook paper.  Cut it into 4 squares.  so they will be 6x6 squares... you can make the flowers smaller or bigger.  If i do a smaller wreath i do 4x4 squares... or you can mix the sizes.

So fold your 6x6 on the diagonal once

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Then fold that triangle in half

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Then fold that triangle in half. 

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Hold the bottom corner of the triangle on the fold.  

 photo _MG_0066_zps9943e596.jpg
Cut the top in a arch

 photo _MG_0067_zps8a13cbab.jpg
Open it up and you will have the flower shape,

 photo _MG_0068_zpsd01e10e1.jpg
You scrunch that up  you flower so it's crinkly and easy to bend

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Grab a med. size button or i also have used the clear little glass rocks you can get from the dollar store.  They just make it a bit heavier.  I prefer buttons. 

ce the button on the bottom of the flower,  then pull the paper around it so the good side is showing and it's pulled tight around the button

 photo _MG_0069_zps893b2e4e.jpg
Secure it with a elastic,  I used the tiny pony holders from the $ store.... You get a million for a Dollar and they work the best.  

 photo _MG_0073_zps8271dc7f.jpg
Then fluff out your flower

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Easy peasy lemon Squeazy!

So to finish it off i like to use a antiquing pad,  i got mine from a scrapbook store,  but you can get them from Micheal's as well.  I think it just finish it off a bit more.    I just rubbed the flower a little with it.

So for my Wreath form i use POOL NOODLES!!  They work great!  All you have to do is cut a small piece of doweling to hook the two ends together  (after you have cut the noodle down to the size you want)  put the 4 inch long ish  doweling in the two ends of the pool noodle,  hook them together and Duct tape Or packers tape,  What ever you have handy....  In fact for the pool noodles this time We used Old crayola Markers...Haha that's all we had handy.

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So once the noodles together i just wrap the whole thing in ribbon and your made in the shade!!    Oh and on this particular one i wanted it to be big and full so i used 2 pool noodles and just put one circle inside the other circle and it just makes if fatter!

Ok message me if you have any question's!!  Hopefully it's easy enough to follow!  Have fun making Flower!!


  1. Very creative method of making flowers! Love 'em!! Pinning. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Gorgeous spring wreath! Really nice jog on this!

    Missy Inspired

  3. Found you from a linky party - this is so cute. I made one, but here's what I did. I wrapped a straw wreath form with burlap garland, which I attached with straight pins. Then I made about 8 paper flowers, some of them I used my pinking scissors on to give them a different edge. I attached the flowers to the wreath again using straight pins. I added a ribbon at the top and that was it! I figure this way I can change it with the seasons and use different scrapbook paper for each season (I found an awesome scrapbook paper pack called All Seasons II at Hobby Lobby). Thank you so much for this great idea :)

  4. That wreath is so cute and I think I'm going to have to make one tomorrow! Love it!

  5. Here is my post about the wreath I made if you would like to check it out: http://sandysewz.blogspot.com/2013/04/wreath-mania.html


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